Reviews: Dove Dermaspa Hand Treatment and pack!

Brand: Dove South Africa
Product: Full Range, as per picture - Primarily focused on Dove Dermaspa  Hand Treatment
Availability: Dischem/Clicks Outlets and most shopping retail outlets incl most leading pharmacies.

*Please note: This is a sponsored post by Rubybox and Dove South Africa

Rubybox sent me the below set of products from Dove South Africa to test and review. And although I was more than impressed by all not to mention the Haircare products, on yes - my natural hair, I fell even further in love with the Dove Dermaspa Hand Treatment.

First impressions on these products:
Dove Dermaspa Hand Treatment retails at about R45.99 - R50 for a 75ml I loved using it before, and I loved using it even more this time around. This hand cream is not only meant for very dry skin, but for normal skin too. It works super well in our very cold Cape Town winter, as my hands and skin often tend to get dry over winter, I never go without this hand cream in my bag.  This indulgent hand treatment leaves my skin velvety soft, with even looking skin that just glows of moisture.

See how my hands glow! 👐

For more information on the Dermaspa Indulgend Hand Treatment, follow the below link:

Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter Beauty Bar: As with the regular Dove Beauty Bar, this soap is enriched with 1/4 moisturising cream and to me represents a really mild cleanser. This soap smells so lovely of Shea butter with touch of warm vanilla.  All I just want to do, is keep lathering my body with this soap, and enjoy all its creamy benefits. Soap retails at R10.99 per 100g

For my thoughts on the original Dove Original Antiperspirant Deodorant, click the below link:
What I love most about this body spray: its gentle enough to spray directly onto even my shaven underarms, and I do not end up itching or with a mean rash. It contains no alcohol and its enriched with 1/4 moisturising cream, which is absolutely soaked up by my armpits, leaving them soft, smelling fresh and smooth.

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Daily Conditioner - R79.99 per 180ml and Dove Nourishing Oil Treatment Mask R79.99 per 200ml. For me, being a natural and not using chemicals on my hair at all, this duo worked extremely well on my hair. See pictures below. I mixed a little of the conditioner with the Treatment mask, and ended up with super soft, sleek less frizz prone hair. These products both smell extremely lovely, and the mixture of the orangy colour and white, of the daily conditioner, really intrigue me. My hair was almost like 90% smoother after using these products, and the results showed. For a natural who colours her hair, ones hair is often left dryer and prone to breakage or some kind of split ends. Well I found my repair and frizz free solutions, thanks to the Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner and Treatment from Dove Haircare.  I've included the below pics of my hair, right after I did it, this Sunday past and you can believe more or the pictures when I say ;`my hair turned out pretty lovely`. 😉😜

See the smile on my face, thanks to Dove SA and Rubybox for allowing me the opportunity to test and review these products. I am set on Dove as my go to products, especially the Derma Spa Indulgent Hand Treatment, as I now never go one day without it, especially in the cold winter months in Cape Town. Why dont you give it a try! From me overall, these products get a 9.5/10! Thank you Rubybox for this set- I loved reviewing it! 


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