12 Reasons to just be Happy!

Last week some time I found myself thinking about life and im not quite sure but suddenly it dawned on me that I actually have so much to not only be thankful but also be happy about. Below, I am going to list a few reasons and if you feel you want to add on anything or comment please do so!

So here are my reasons:

Someone or rather a few persons are angels to me (my dad and all four of my grandparents)
Im healthy~besides the usual cold I haven't really been seriously sick- Thank you God!

I have a job
Ive achieved some of my goals ~and I plan to achieve much more this year.
I can drive:-) finally! Whoop whoop, my dad is happy about this one I just know it!
I love myself
Getting to witness sunsets, sunrise and just experience new places is enough reason to be happy in my books
I can feel,run,hear,smell and see
Three meals a day without having to beg, counts for a smile
Ive experienced having a crush on someone and yes I am still in love
Ive had times when ive hung in there while others had given up already
Yes, ive even made some bad decisions and guess what_ I lived!

 So if you ever feel you really have nothing to be happy about just give it some thought. Im sure you will come up with something!


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