Review: Clere Radiance Moisturiser and BB Cream

Clere Radiance Oil Control 3-1 Moisturiser
Brand: Clere Radiance
Price:R24.99 - R29.99
Size: 50 ml
Texture: Smooth with a matte after feel.
Availability: Available from bigger shopping outlets (checkers, shoprite).


My Experience:
Most moisturisers I've used in the past has been heavy and oily so using the Clere Radiance Oil Control 3-in-1 moisturiser was quite refreshing as its non- oily and actually left my skin feeling moisturised and matte.
It has that familiar lemon smell which most Clere Radiance products has but its really not too overwhelming so don't worry you wont end up with headaches.  In fact, this moisturiser is suitable I feel for sensitive skin as I use it twice daily on my sensitive skin morning and evenings and I have not had any breakouts or irritation. 
I've used this product in conjunction with the Clere BB Cream and I must add that it doubled as a kind of primer to me, as it left my skin matte after application, so my BB Cream was thereafter easily applied and really applied well onto my moistured skin.  Remember, to always tone your skin before you apply moisturiser as toner cleanses the skin of impurities and thereafter your skin would look at its best after being moisturised.  The Super Fruit serum, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin E, will leave your skin feeling moisturised, soft and smooth.  Also, it contains SPF 15 so it will protect your skin when you out in the daylight and from the usual rays.


-Compact as the tube is not too large
-Easily absorbed into my skin
-smell really nice
-helps to combat oily skin and reduces shine
-Contains SPF 15 so it can be used every single day, especially when you are busy outdoors.
-Leaves skin feeling matt due to micro-sponges absorbing oil.



Clere Radiance BB Cream
Brand: Clere Radiance
Price: R49.99
Size: 30 ml
Texture: Smooth
Availability: Available from bigger shopping outlets (checkers, shoprite).

Gives a matte finish
Helps to control oily skin
Smells lovely
Lasts long on skin, so no need to reapply
Covers dark marks and pigmentation
Helps with oily skin
Skin is left looking radiant
Affordable, retails at +/- R49.99 – R59.99
Compact bottle, easy to take all-over
Only comes in two shades, light and dark which leaves some ladies out of the loop when it comes to perfectly matching their skin to either one of these two colours.
Has a lemony smell, so some ladies might not like it
If bottle lays long, BB cream starts to crack.
How to use Clere BB Cream:
After you have cleansed your skin (I use Clere facial wash) pat skin dry and apply toner as per usual.  Then apply BB Cream (I use about 3 blobs – with a facial sponge) and smooth it onto my face area and neck area in a circular motion. 

My Experience:
The product comes in two shades light and dark.  Since this was a sponsored product, I had only received the light shade as its more suitable to my skin tone.  I applied the product once, and it covered most but not all of my pigmentation which is a huge skin concern for me personally.  After two applications, my skin imperfections were something of the past as it covered the pigmentation completely but left my skin feeling light and not too heavy also non-oily.  For a BB cream of this price (R49.99 and the size of 30ml), I really feel its value for money.    For smooth application I use a sponge to apply all of my BB Creams`.  The Clere BB Cream smells really lovely, as with all of Clere products and still has that familiar lemony scent to it -such freshness!  So if you not into lemons you might not like this product as much.

For me, at the price this product retails for, I would definitely recommend trying it, it’s worth every cent.  Plus if it doesn’t work for you, you could always just pass it off to someone, as it won’t break your budget.
*sponsored post: Thank you Beauty Bulletin


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