Mini ebay jewellery Haul

Late last year, I purchased some new pieces of jewellery from ebay and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.  I am not new to ebay, but I have not previously purchased any costume jewellery.  Below I will list and detail four of the pieces I had purchased.  Purchases are easy to make on ebay. All you need is to register an account, save your banking details with Paypal, and provide a delivery address.  Delivery time would depend on where your goods are coming from, and the longest I have waiting for mine was +/- 1 month. Also always check on shipping, if its free internationally or if you would need to pay for purchases shipped internationally.  Happy shopping, and I am so sure, you are going to enjoy yourself on this site ;-)

Rose gold ear jacket earrings which I paid R18.72 for.  I love them, don't you think its so chic.  You can wear them as a set or either the studs on their own. love!
Photo Credit: ebay Seller
4 layered pearl necklace.  R26.52 and is it not just pretty?  I could not take a picture as good as this one, which is from the ebay site.

Midi-rings and my black matte nails just go so well together.  Midi rings at R14.43  Remember, to select the correct size, as mine was slightly smaller than my fingers. oops! I could still get away with wearing them on the lower part of my fingers.

Multi-layered necklace in rose gold with bead chains, at R23.17.  Who wouldn't love this.

So my complete purchase came to R82.84 rand for all four items and shipping was free so its a win-win situation.  Why not purchase a few items for yourself, why don't you? ;-)  I have thus far only had good experiences with ebay online purchases, and the sellers have a lot to do with it.  Opt for `Top-rated` sellers when purchasing items and do show and tell once you receive your goodies.  Happy Shopping!


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