Saturday, 14 January 2017

30th Birthday Gift Ideas

So in precisely 17 days ill be 30. And whilst some people feel as though 30 is the start of getting old, I feel its a blessing! :-) Why not celebrate and enjoy this milestone in your life. Its merely the beginning of new things, opportunities and also new journeys. With that being said, my 30th takes me to not only celebrating my birthday but also plenty of friends upcoming 30th birthday`s. So.ive compiled a list of gifts I think not only me but my friends would also like. Enjoy reading and feel free to leave any comments or even update gift list with more ideas!

1. Any kind of birthday card or balloons
2. Jewelry holder
3. Fragranced candles or incense sticks
4. Coffee mug
5. Yoga mat
6. Fresh flowers - yellow roses are my favorite
7. Nail file
8. Phone accessory-memory card, phone cover
9. Picture frame
10. 30th Birthday memorabilia (badge or glass)
11. Bath fizzers
12. Lipstick or lip balm
13. Movie ticket
14. Flip flops or sandles (size 6)
15. Hair ties
16. Slice of cake
17. Chocolates
18. Notepad and pen set
19. Costume jewelry( earrings are my favorite but bracelets would also do :-) )
20. Make-up brush set
21. Daily inspiration reading booklet
22. Rimmel eyeliner
23. Pretty ornament (bedroom)
24. Clutch bag
25. Eating out gift card
26. Bottle of champagne
27. A Pillow
28. Body butter or hand cream
29. Scarf or clothing item
30. Funky water bottle

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