Review: Softlips Pure Pomegranate Lip Conditioner

Product: Softlips Pure Lip Conditioner
Variant: Pomegranate
Price: Retails for about R33
Availability: Dischem outlets
Size:2 g
About this product:
Softlips Pure is an organic lip balm line, which is manufactured containing wonderful oils to help restore and protect one's lips.  Oils in the pure lip conditioner range consist of olive, jojoba, shea butter, and also coconut oil.  After the amazing summer i had this December 2016, my lips were pretty much busted up after spending lots of time in the sun and outdoors. The pomegranate variant contains not only antioxidant rich pomegranate extract but also vitamin e.  The smell isn't that much of pomegranate in nature but its also doesn't have a bad smell to it, and the vitamin e ensures my lips stay nourished all day without leaving it too oily and shiny.  The Beeswax in the 100% certified organic lip conditioner ensure that lips stay soft and deeply moisturised.

I like that the softlips tube is really skinny compared to other lip conditioner`s, which means its easy for me to carry it around pretty much everywhere I go.  And also, the softlips formula never goes soft or runny leading to hot messes when you find yourself opening your lip balm the next time you leave it laying in the car on a hot day.  So that definitely gets my vote! 👍😆😏  The Softlips Pure Organic lip conditioner is free of parabens, pesticides, gluten as well as any harsh chemicals, so you will definitely be giving your lips the best there is on the market and also what nature has to offer.  *After doctoring my lips, i found myself using this lip conditioner daily at work, and even now to this day still use it.  And my lips have not looked better!

Hope you all enjoyed my review on this product.  Feel free to leave any comments below


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