Thursday, 3 August 2017

House of Coffees: Hug in A Mug Flavoured Cappuccino

Brand: House of Coffees
Product: Hug in a Mug Flavoured Cappuccino Sticks
Price: Retails between R40 - R50 per box
Availability: Most Shopping outlets nationwide
Size: Box of 10 Sticks

I've tried all of the Hug in a Mug Variants and the three below are by far my three favourites. Each Cappuccino stick is easily made, by just adding boiled water, and a dash of milk if you like it that way. Personally, I don't add extra milk, the stronger the coffee the better it tastes. The Hazelnut, Vanilla and Cinnamon bun flavours are the best and really stand out for me. Each flavour can be tasted and I just find myself bathing in each heavenly cup of these cappuccino`s. 

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