My Sunday in Pictures..

Sunday past, we ended up jumping into the car, that is myself and my bf of almost 4 years which I love soooo much, and we ended up taking a long beachside drive. Blouberg was our destination of choice and it was such a beautiful day, even though there was a slight wind coming up late afternoon. Nothing could spoil the beautiful Cape Town day we had been blessed with. Table Mountain at its absolute best! 

Upon entering Blouberg beach, there was a display of the most amazing kites in the mother city sky, I was just taken by it. I immediately prompted Lorenzo to stop the car and of course i ended up taking some shots. 

Then, as we proceeded to park the car and start taking a lovely walk, taking in our surroundings, this little madam stood out to me. If you don't know, I am obsessed with Pugs and absolutely go nuts when I see one, or two or three. And this little madam seemed to be showing off by bringing her other two sisters along, see below. Aren't they just the cutest? I LOVE DOGS!  DOG PERSON

I opted for bubblegum flavoured ice cream, whilst my boyfriend went for a dipped caramel vanilla cone. Both obviously went for flakes too.. 😜

The story behind these takkies are, my guy got them for me three going on almost 4 years ago, and I look so good after them, they still look great! So yes, I am always taking pics of these, cause they have meaning to me. My guy has great taste right.

Laying in the car, I get to stretch my legs out, and just take in the glorious sun, whilst I watch my boyfriend sleep peacefully! HEAVEN 

I absolutely love this picture. They say, a picture is worth ten thousand words. And how about this picture. I was actually pointing at Table Mountain, but look the bird took over this pic! How sly and clever of him/her! Still love this picture though. Did you see my natural hair, doing its thang!!!!

 Just the two of us. Need I say more...  LOVE


And to end of the amazing day, we drove to Lagoon Beach Hotel and watched the sunset together.


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