Studio Basics by Foschini Beauty: Tools and Accessories

I have always wanted a magnifying mirror, especially because I almost always end up having to lay right underneath my desk lamp in my bedroom when tweezing my brows, with the tiniest little mirror, I received from my grandmother when I was much younger, and I mean much younger, maybe like 7 years old. Who can actually remember, just a thought not really a question.

For me lady`s its as important to have proper tools and makeup accessories as it is to have and own a good lipstick, or brow pencil if you catch my drift.
However, I ended up purchasing this 5X Magnifying mirror immediately when I saw it in a Foschini store, as I thought finally, I've got you. And I am really not regretting my purchase. The mirror comes in a easily resealable plastic sleeve, so it can easily be stored away. Or if you're anything like me, I use the two suction pads on the back and stick on all over my room and bathroom, when I get busy with my face and or even tweezing my brows. It really points out problem areas in my face, and gets me to focus on even the finest/tiniest of hairs when it comes to my brows. This mirror retails at R39.95 so it won't break your budget! Yay, for bargain beauty buys right.

To remove hair from your brows and even face precisely, you should definitely invest in this mini tweezer set from Studio Basics. Each Tweezer has a specific use, so you will know exactly which tweezer to use for what.
Below I list the tweezers and uses;
Slant Tip- Pink: Select individual hairs with its sharp edge and remove hairs with a good grip from the wide edge.
Square Tip -Purple: Provides better hold, to minimise breakage and is very good for targeting short hairs.
Point Tip- Orange: Good for removing fine short hairs and ingrown hairs
Combo Tip - Blue: Has a sharp point tip for precision with a wider started edge for strong hold on each hair.

This mini tweezer set is also conveniently and easy to store away, in its own resealable sleeve which I love, simply because I can take it all over with me. The tweezer set retails at R74.95 and is also available from Studio Basics at Foschini.

Lastly, I love using eyelash curlers, and when I saw the bronzed beauty at a local retail outlet, and at a retail price of R20 I just had to buy it. Eyelash curlers can take some practising to use and get used to, but trust me, once you have the nick of using it you won't be able to go a day without them. Your mascara is also much easier to apply, as the eyelash curler opens up your eyes and curls your hairs on your lash upwards, leaving it more exposed and easier for the mascara to be applied to.
*Eyelash curler not bought at Foschini Beauty, and is not a Studio Basics Product.


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