Make-up inspired by Impulse Perfumed Body Spray

Please note: the following make-up looks were created by myself in my own time, using my own eyeshadow palette, lipstick, eye and lipliners. I was in no way sponsored any of the previously mentioned makeup items. I am in no way qualified as a professional make-up artist, and the makeup looks created are based on my own skill level. I made use of two sets of limited edition makeup brush sets from #impulsesa and #rubybox

The below makeup look was inspired by the #impulsetruelove variant
The Impulse True Love variant can of perfumed body spray has tones of pink and purple with hearts and tiny flower like pictures. It reminds me of love with all the heart's which is why I opted for a soft yet, bring out my inner loved up self lol ... I added some soft purple bling in the shape of flowers with dreamy gold and pink finishes.

The following make-up look was inspired by #impulseparis variant
I took a chance here and tried my hand at drawing, and I must add my attempt at the famous Eiffel Tower didn't come out too bad. Since Paris is the city of lights I bedazzled my outer eye and gave my Eiffel Tower some bright lights.. and as the French would say `Bonjour` ... my look is welcoming and sends hellos.. with tones of greens, golds, purples, and even blue!! My cute combined lip colour of pink and orange rounds this look of perfectly and reminds me of the Impulse Paris variant. And just as the Impulse Paris perfumed can my look screams oh la la! :-)

I do hope you love the two makeup looks ive created. Please let me know which look is your favorite! Special thanks to #impulsesa for the lovely perfumed body sprays and limited edition makeup brush sets and to Rubybox for allowing me the great opportunity to test and review products. #impuleseperfume #impulsesa #rubybox #nadineknowsbeautyblog 


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