Mother`s Day Gift 2017: Bramley Cosmetics Limited Edition Diamonds Body Butter

Brand: Bramley Cosmetics
Product: Limited Edition Diamonds Body Butter
Size: 250ml
Price: Retails at 14.99 per tub.
Availability: Available from all Pep Stores Nationwide (South Africa)

This Mother's Day, I gifted my mom with a lovely GEM for the GEM 💠 in my life! A limited edition  Diamonds Body Butter from Bramley Cosmetics with a very lovely scent of May which has rose 🌹tones to it. And I must inform you all, my mother loves it, but that's not hard to believe cause I love the fragrance too. I have used Body Butter from Bramley Cosmetics before, and I really in all honestly could not fault it on anything.  The Body Butter from Bramley is rich and creamy and is easily absorbed into one's skin, leaving your skin soft and smooth. As with the Body Butter I have used before, which is the Magnolia variant this Diamond variant is also enriched with Bio Pharm oil and Vitamin E, which is ideal 👍when it comes to winter, since most of our skin`s tend to be dry and even flaking at times.  😢  P.S: I just know i`ll have to sneak into my mom`s room and get my hands on this beauty of a body butter, since its so amazing, and yes I am even more taken by Bramley Cosmetics skincare than before! This product gets my 5/5 since it`s easily available from all Pep stores nationwide and its not expensive and retails at R14.99 per tub oh and don`t forget the amazing smell it has to it.. I just love it!


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