Update: Impulse SA Paris / TrueLove Fragrances

So whilst, Ive in the meantime received these beautiful limited edition makeup brush sets courtesy of Impulse, Ive been getting busy creating makeup looks which I will soon let you all in on! #impulsesa #impulseparis #impulsetruelove #nadineknowsbeautyblog #rubybox #makeupblogger #capetownblogger
Just how pretty is this Limited Edition Makeup Brush set from ImpulseSA 😄 💗

Here I am using the eyeshadow brush to create some contrasting eye color on my upper eyelid, whilst being influenced by Impulse Paris fragrance
Here, I am using the blusher/bronzer brush to apply bronzing pearls onto my cheeks, and complete my makeup look on this very cold winter morning in Cape Town - 11.05.2017 #blusherbrush #bronzingbrush #Impulsetruelove


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