Review: Clairol Color Crave Hair Colour (Flamingo)

I'm so ready to flaunt my Fearless, are you!! πŸ˜‰

So I will be reviewing and trying out the New Clairol Color Crave which is a semi-permanent hair dye that lets you flaunt your fearless with a range of bright colours and bold results that lasts up to +/- 15 weeks.

*Please Note: This is a sponsored post by Rubybox and Clairol SA

So my first impressions once I received the Clairol Hair colours were that I love the boxes, as bright and distinct as each one may be. It immediately got my full attention and I started to peek inside each one. I will be trying out one of these colors on my own hair (please note - my hair is natural and not at all color or chemically treated - 2 years natural) so the results might be different from chemically treated or previously coloured hair. 

Some Likes about the Clairol Color Crave range:
-Contains no ammonia. No peroxide. No Parabens.
-True tone formula, colour accurate fading that lasts +/- 15 weeks
-Box includes a stylist brush for paint on application - perfect for streaks/ombre looks
-No mixing required, direct dye formula
-No bleach required, but the lighter your hair, the longer the wear

Clairol Color Crave Range, consists of the following colors:

About my Experience with the product:
I loved opening the box, and getting acquainted with all the goodies inside it. I received two pairs of latex gloves in black, which I love, and a stylist brush, which I by the way cleaned off for my next hair color session (score) πŸ˜‰.  Also, what I loved about this hair color is that it comes ready to use, so here's to no mixing of anything, which is so awful smelling, as I have experienced this when it came to coloring my aunty`s hair late in December. I should also mention, this hair color has a gel like formula to it, and it smells of really nothing, so that makes the experience of using it, so lovely.

I parted my hair into sections, since I was going for the ombre effect. And then started applying the hair color with the stylist brush to each section. This way, I covered my full head of hair, and I also have some hair color left for a next time. And since I love this color so much, I would definitely go and repurchase this hair color to repeat the process. The hair color is affordable, as I priced it at +/- R120 per box of hair color which is really not a bad price. Its available from Clicks and Dischem stores nationwide. The hair color comes in a range of colors, so I am sure, you are bound to walk away with one if not two boxes of hair color, that suits your personality!

Below, are some before photos:

The hair color is applied to damp washed hair, and below I include a short video which details the process I went about when it came to coloring my hair. So please, enjoy watching this short clip:

My After photo`s as per below on damp wet and washed hair:

My After photo`s on Blow dried natural hair as per below:

Overall Experience:
I enjoyed coloring my hair with Clairol Color Crave hair color, as it not once made or caused me to mess all over. The gel formula, really works for me, and the no mixing of any products is a bonus, as it does not cause any chemical smells of any kind. Also, the product went on and set very easily and quick took about 30 minutes for it to set. Rinsing my hair was easy and quick and my hair was not left dry or damaged at all. To me as a natural this is great news, as I always want what's best for my hair in the end.  The product which contains no ammonia, peroxide or parabens makes me want to give it a major high five! ✋ Clairol color crave hair color is really one of the better hair colors on the market in South Africa, and with all the fab and funky hair colors, you are sure to find your match!

A friend of mine tried out the #APRICOT variant of the #clairolsouthafrica Color crave hair color and this was the result. Because her hair is much darker than mine in color, the Apricot doesn't show that easily, unless one stands in sunlight. @rubybox_beauty However, she does love the ease of the process when it comes to this hair color kit from Clairol πŸ‘ #flauntyourfearless#colourconfidently #nadineknowsbeautyblog#Clairolcolorcrave #reviews #friendreview#haircolour #clairolsouthafrica πŸ˜‰☺

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