New Year, New You - Skin Detox

Often we wonder, why we look good in a new outfit, but our skin lacks the same glow as our outfit. And since its a new year, we could very well focus on this subject at hand which is to better ones skin, by detoxing. Good skin, comes as a result of a combination of factors, and now that I am officially in my 30`s I can detail to my readers what some of those factors are, so keep on reading.

In no specific order you should try doing the following to the best of your ability, in order to better your skin and in the meantime, detox your body of all toxins, eliminating harmful factors which in turn leads to bad skin.

Drink more water
Yes! Up your H2o Game. I know this has been said and repeated over and over again, but there really is no better weapon to rid your body of any toxins than just water.  If you feel you can't get in water as it is, and I am specifically referring to 6-8 glasses of water per day, then spritz it up by adding some flavours such as mint, cucumber, berries, etc.  Water plays a big role in how our skin feels and looks. By drinking less water, your skin might appear flat and dull and even feel dry. Whilst those drinking more water often has glowing skin, which feels supple and smooth.

Use a good makeup remover
If throwing your makeup out completely, is not an option for you or even going a few days without makeup doesn't make sense to you, then make sure you use a good makeup remover. By giving your skin a break from the makeup, you will allow it to breathe for some time. If you prefer not to go without makeup, ensure you wear less makeup and use a good makeup remover, when taking your makeup off. Cheap makeup removers, often leaves your pores clogged, and skin oily, which is the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, which could lead to ugly breakouts.
With my new #Skindetox post I mention that a good makeup remover is essential for keeping your skin clean and fresh and clog free. I've been using the #africanextract Purifying, Dual-phase eye makeup remover. I find this eye makeup remover gentle enough to use all over my skin. It smells lovely, and is easy to use. Simply shake the makeup remover and dab onto a cotton ball. It's really good in removing waterproof 💦 eye makeup and even the toughest eyeliner in black. This is a must have product ladies. This product is enriched with Bio-active Rooibos ☕ and Vitamin B5 to soothe and moisturise your skin without leaving behind any oily residue. 👌 ☺ #freebeesprandmarketingRetails at R79. Always remember to rinse your skin with lukewarm water after using makeup remover.

Stop smoking
Now I know, this is going to sound like your mom on repeat, but when I say you should stop smoking, I really do mean it. The Nicotine in cigarettes, destroys skin Substructures leaving it saggy and you will end up with more fine lines around your mouth area and even at times grayish-looking skin not to mention yellow stained teeth and nails. I don't think I need to add anything else here.

Make Healthier Food choices
Going for those sugar loaded carb jumbo meals isn't just bad on your waistline, its bad for your face too. Make sure your diet includes amongst other things healthy fats like olive oil, omega 3`s found in walnuts and salmon, antioxidants which are derived from green vegetables and also Vitamin C, found in Citrus fruits and berries.

Be Gentle with you skin
Stop using harsh scrubs, in order to `clean` your skin. No!! Instead, stick to one range of skincare products that works for your skin, and stop using a multitude of products, which could lead to more harm than good. And always remember not to rub on your skin harshly, but to rather tap and smooth with a circular motion.

Stop Picking at your skin
This one is really simple to follow, I know but it can be difficult to go thru with it. Once you see a zit, use your self restraint and just ignore it, instead of trying to pick at it, and in the meantime harming the epidermis, causing a permanent scar. Try steaming, as a way of relief. And if its a really stubborn pimple see a dermatologist, who can help with it.

Wash your face every night
Often, people remember the whole daytime routine, from the cleansing, toning, to sunscreen part of the skincare routine, but skip on the cleansing at night. Remember, their are micro pollutants in the air, which build up on the skin, and can really cause damage overnight to ones skin. So remember to cleanse your skin at night too, and dab it dry gently.

Follow a regular Workout routine.
And here you don't need to go all out, as in 7 days a week 10 hours, more like 30 minutes each day, five days a week should be enough. Your skin will thank you for this, and research has shown those individuals who work out regularly look much younger than most of their peers who don't work out.

Use a good Mask
Lastly, just like we give our hair extra attention and all the right extra conditioning products and serums, we should do the same with our skin. Use a facial mask targeted at your skincare concerns at least once a week. A good weekly mask treatment will clean out your pores deeply, and ensure brighter more manageable skin.  I have an oily skin, so I tend to go for clay masks, and ones with less granules in them, as I have a sensitive skin and often end up with redness, when I use granulated skin masks.

These are my go to pointers when focusing on my general facial skincare. Hopefully, these pointers are just as helpful to you, as its been to me. Feel free to add in your very own if you have some you think we should know about.


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