Lifestyle: Why keeping a journal is beneficial to you!

So its a new year, and often we are way to busy with technology of all kinds of levels, be it a laptop, tabs, cellphones etc. I find myself drawn to the old way of doing things, by writing them down, in everything from notepads, to diary`s to just paper sheets. For me, this works as I can easily go back and see exactly what my train of thoughts were.  I got this cute little notepad from my local Pep stores in Cravenby.. Yes, in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. I loved the Unicorn theme and all the pretty colours on it!😊 Let's get down to why you should keep a journal:
1.  You can tell your journal anything you want, so it becomes both a therapist and a dear friend to you. Writing down things, makes it easier to stomach, and takes the pressure off any toxic feelings/thoughts and emotions you might be bottling up. Also, you will gain clarity on exactly what it is you want/need to do next in your life goals/ambitions.

2.  You will be able to track your personal patterns and behaviour by going over what you wrote in your journal.  This will in effect help you achieve your goals and respond to any challenges you might be facing. You will also be able to see patterns if any, in your personal and professional growth and the relationship with yourself and with others.

3.  Journaling is not expensive, accessible and very easy to manage.  So apply journaling to each and every aspect of your life..

4.  You will end up being in conversation with your inner self, and in turn solve problems and even get creative. So start journaling today!

5.  Write yourself into history why don't you! Many people get left out of history, but by writing and even tapping into your creative side, you will release and become someone known.  Its not only a safe place to make your dreams and aspirations speak up/out, but also jot down any disappointments that's getting in the way of you achieving your dreams and aspirations.

*And just for the final point - help your little ones getting into journal would benefit them in a huge way, firstly by helping them to write more, and reading more, which in turn is beneficial to their spelling of words.. ✌

Hope this post on Journaling helps you to start the ball rolling when it comes to you writing down your thoughts, and in turn helping you to become the best version of you. Lets make 2018 our year guys!


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