Lifestyle/ Fitness: Fit Night Out 2018

Date: 17 February 2018
Time: 16:00 pm
Venue: Tygervalley Mall Rooftop
Price per Ticket: R360 incl R10 donation fee

On Saturday, I attended my very first FNO with a few friends, and we had such a blast. I should add that the event was really not how I imagined it to be. First off, upon entering the mall, we stumbled upon tons of ladies of all shapes, sizes and races, very energetically clothed in their sponsored FNO white t-shirt, which was already awesome to me, because it made me feel like I was part of something.  

At pre-registration, we collected our Goodie bags and Adidas ZA sponsored mats. The goodie bags were so worth it, and contained amongst other things, some goodies from Shield ZA, vouchers, a skipping rope from Virgin Active SA, and a cap etc.

We even got to see some Celebs knows in the Gym/Health Industry in action at the event: 

Once we managed to find our way to the packed rooftop, we spotted empty areas for us to lay down our again Adidas ZA, sponsored mats and chilled. Since it was very hot on Saturday, I thought ahead of the event and brought along some sunscreen and whilst watching the hype around me, started applying my sunscreen and watching the ladies in excitement as the event started about 30 minutes later, as to not end up doing a harsh workout in the sun. 

Myself and my friend Babalwa, found ourselves at the #Shieldready from the get go, and once we took our pics using the fitness props provided, we could post it to Instagram, and then go ahead and print it right there on the spot, plus we could each get a copy for ourselves. How cool is that.

We also headed over to the Powerade ZA stage, and did some very enthusiastic exercises, and guess what, I even won a great goodie bag sponsored by Powerade ZA- Thanks to the M.C at the Powerade stage, Siv Ngema! 

Then the workouts started. And Although I must add, I loved the combination of what was on the Agenda when it came to working out, which ranged from an 80's intense aerobic workout, to Yoga, to Gumboot Dancing, Skipping, Partner Exercises and then last but not least a Rumble boxing like workout presented by Virgin Active Gym SA. My favorites were the Yoga, which I absolutely loved so much, I ended up laughing straight thru, and the Gumboot Dancing lessons. I should mention that we received some cool free, glow sticks which we placed around our wrists, closer to when it started to get dark, and it looked pretty amazing, having everyone glow, during the end of the day, whilst giving it their utmost best in the Rumble Class.

Babalwa, doing some Gumboot dancing moves. These moves literally got her off her feet - YOU GO B, you go!! 😉

So here's to all my fellow ladies, who actually had the courage to beat the sun on Saturday, and actually attempt and go for the gruelling four hour workout. Hopefully, we will get to see a lot more ladies next year at the FNO! #FNO2018 #FNO 
For more pictures on the event please see my Instagram


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