Food Diaries: 3 New Snacks from Willards you should try- NOW!

I was lucky enough to be sent the 3 following snacks which is new in the South African market, and was i pleasantly surprised. My favorite is the Jumping Jack Popcorn -Fruit Chutney flavour. I love popcorn so its only fair and I am a major fruit chutney fan, even in corn chips.  How pretty is the new Fruit Chutney Flavoured Jumping Jack Popcorn pack? The purple design and color is so eye catching that I am absolutely sure, customers won't be able to walk past it in the shop. These snacks are available from leading shopping outlets nationwide. Good news, I have seen it on shelves so  you can go out and get yourself a pack or two!  The popcorn is as fresh as ever, with very importantly unlike other popcorn snacks on the market, the bottom of the pack doesn't contain as much kernels- I love this fact, cause to me it means you get exactly your money's worth. That is a great tasting snack which you would want to purchase again and again.

The cheese curls, got me excited, cause these chips are still cheesy however they now have added flavour to them, with cheese and onion. What more could you ask for. The chips are still so soft, and easy on the palette and still you get them to melt away in your mouth only now, they add that cheese and onion flavour to your mouth. Yumminess!

 Now, with Flanagans I couldn't stop eating literally. I opened the new Kettle Fried Chips in Spanish Chorizo Flavour and I just couldn't stop eating. Not only are these kettle fried chips better tasting than the usual crisps one would buy at the supermarket, they are so well flavoured, you can literally taste the flavour on every single crisp you eat.  The only advice I can give you, is dont buy one but two packs when you go to the supermarket, cause one won't get you to satisfy your hunger for these crisps.


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