Lifestyle Review: Vitabiotics Osteocare Liquid Original

Brand: Vitabiotics
Product: Osteocare Liquid Original
Size: 200ml
Price: +/- R95
Availability: Online health stores and pharmacies Nationwide
I must admit that I am not one who likes to take medicine or even vitamins, as it usually leaves behind an aftertaste, which resembles some kind of bitter fruit/vegetable we (myself and my twin brother) would eat as children.

However, when I first read about how this Osteocare liquid with Vitamin D, Calcium and Magnesium would help in maintaining healthy,strong bones and that I would ultimately benefit from it, I immediately wanted to start taking it daily.  Now that I have opted to better my lifestyle, by exercising more regularly and making healthier food choices most of the time LOL.

About Osteocare Liquid:
Osteocare liquid is rich in Calcium and co-factors (magnesium and zinc) and is a smooth and very pleasant tasting liquid.  The formula is rich in Vitamin D, which helps with the normal absorption of calcium by the body.  The Vitamin D, in Osteocare comes in the preferred form of D3 which is the form of Vitamin D that is produced by the skin on exposure to Sunlight.  This form of Vitamin D is made by the Human body and therefore it is more effective than Vitamin D2 which are found in supplements.

No Artificial colours, alcohol or lactose
No fat, salt or yeast
Not tested on animals
Suitable for Vegetarians and Children
Not funny tasting
Leaves no aftertastes behind in mouth


Why is Calcium important:
An adequate intake of calcium is both vital for men and women of all ages, since it contributes to normal bone health and optimal bone mineralisation.  Maintaining bones at a later stage in life, is due to Peak bone mass which is obtained during childhood and adolescent growth. Osteocare Liquid is ideal for children, since it contains Vitamin D and Calcium which is needed for normal growth of healthy bones.

Osteocare Liquid is suitable for Vegetarians, and is dairy free and 100% fat free.

How to Take Osteocare Liquid:
Children can use Osteocare from (3-12years) 2 teaspoons 2-3times daily
Adults: 2 teaspoons twice daily
Pregnancy and Breastfeeding:  2 teaspoons twice daily is recommended. 1 teaspoon = approx. 5ml
*Osteocare Liquid can be continued for as long as required.

I would definitely repurchase this product, as its worth every cent. Not only is it affordable, and easily available at pharmacies in South Africa. This form of Vitamin D in a liquid, doesn't taste as bad as I thought it would taste initially. Also, the fact that its fat free and dairy free, it can easily become part of your daily menu.


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