My Guy Reviews: Avon Black Suede Night Eau De Toilette

Brand: Avon South Africa
Sponsored Product: - Manbox
Product: Avon Black Suede Night Eau de Toilette for Him
Price: Avon Fragrances retails between R99- R399 depending on the size
Size: 75 ml
Avon Black Suede Night Eau de Toilette had been sent to me, for the man in my life to give it a try and tell me he`s thoughts on the product. First Impressions was that he loved the bottle, and the size of the product, as its not too big of a product he could take it all over with him, in his toiletry bag. So thats a plus.👍 The cap on the bottle comes off easily too, and the sprayer is pretty straightforwardd and does a good job, as it means less of a mess like some perfume bottles sprayer leaks and leaves more of a mess.

Secondly, the mixture of bergamot, aromatic nutmeg and the rich amber notes, made my guy smell unforgettable all the time. The both of us are not too into woody smelling scents, but since this perfume is not too overwhelming it sits just right.  And along with my guy`s other going out essentials, like he`s shoes, watch and a good pair of denims, this scent completed him also smelling great! 😁

After using this product for almost two weeks, he hasn't stopped using it, and even suggested he needs to join #manbox which is a box specifically designed for the men in our lives and their needs when it comes to beauty, lifestyle and manly essentials. Read more here:

I am more than sure that after the selected group of men who got the chance to test the Avon Black Suede Night Fragrance, a lot of men will be signing up to this subscription box very soon, as it specifically caters to what the modern day man needs when it comes to grooming and living a good lifestyle.

On a closing note, my guy loves the Avon Black Suede Night Eau de Toilette, and the 75ml size will last him quite some time, but I am already looking out by paging through the current Avon Brochure and checking for this scent. I am sure to place another order for him soon as he is not only impressed with this perfume and the price it retails at, he is even recommending it to his friends.


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