Review: Say Hello to better Skin, Hair and Nails with Vitabiotics Original Triple Active Formula

I am absolutely obsessed when it comes to having good skin. And although I love winter, at times it hasn't quite been kind to my skin this year. My nail beds and hands are constantly all dry, my hair is always frizzed up, because of wearing scarfs, caps and hats and my facial skin has taken its worst toll ever, with dry patches just below my eyebrow bones and the upper part of my forehead which is close to my hairline. Now imagine dry skin, which often peak and show up looking like dandruff, definitely not cool.  When in actual fact its the skin on my forehead screaming for nourishment.

About a week ago I started using Vitabiotics Original Triple Active tablets for my Skin, Hair and Nails and although its too early to tell if its working I already like a few things about this product. Number one, its not pricey and retails at about R125-R130 at major pharmacies nationwide.  Two unlike most vitamins and multivitamins, these tablets won't leave a nasty bitter aftertaste once you have swallowed them. To me this is a bonus, since a bitter aftertaste often means sitting with heartburn which often makes me feeling horrible. 

***You can be guaranteed that you won't be  wasting your money once you've purchased this product, as its been tested in the United Kingdom, and is now the Number 1, Skin, Hair and Nails Formula in the UK.

Whilst you do your best on the outside to maintain good hair, skin and nails, these tablets will do the work on the inside of your body by ensuring/providing the necessary nourishment via your bloodstream to the dermal layer of your skin, hair follicles and nail beds.

What does each tablet contain?
Micronutrients, including Vitamin B2, B3, Biotin and minerals Selenium and Zinc which all contributes to the normal maintenance of healthy hair, skin and nails.

Contains no artificial colours, preservatives, salt or yeast
Gluten Free
Not tested on animals
Suitable for Vegetarians
Doubles up as a multivitamin with all the vitamins, and multinutrients


How to use this tablet:
Take one tablet daily with your main meal.  Take with regular water or a cold drink.  Perfectil should be taken on a full stomach, as nutrients are best absorbed with food.

My Overall Rating:
For me this brand of Hair, Skin and Nails gets a 4.8/5 since its definitely a winner the likes speak for themselves. I don't end up with heartburn or any aftertastes so its a definite yay from me. And anyone can easily afford this product and its readily available from most major pharmacies nationwide.


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